Boal Fish (Pack of 2 Diamond Special) Bangladeshi 4 to 5 Kg


Boal (Pack of 2 Diamond Special) Bangladeshi 4 to 5 Kg


  • 100% Best Quality Fish 
  • Vacuum Sealed
  • Suitable for freezing 

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Product Description 

Boal (Pack of 2 Diamond Special) Bangladeshi 4 to 5 Kg. Fresh Fish Available to Buy Online. Fish Bazar Online 

Our Boal fish is a species of catfish. Boal fish can be found in lakes, swamp or large rivers. It is a fish species of South Asia.  

In particular in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan and some other countries. This fish is also known by some other names like e Wallago Attu, Buari etc. 

Boal Pack Special

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Visiting your local village Fish Bazaar  

Imagine walking through the hustling fish market in a small village of Bangladesh and the noise of market stall men battering with fish lovers to drop a further penny for a whole seawater or river fish caught just moments ago.  

The freshness in our frozen Boal whole fish is well kept in their unique way of being caught and instantly frozen to maintain all the freshness at sea. This particular Boal whole fish was caught in the Myanmar seas. Medium sized with beautiful silver lining. 


Health Benefits: Rich in Omega-3’s, Vitamins & Minerals Boal Pack Special

Packed full of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 which is great for your eye health and beneficial for those suffering with dry eye issues. Omega-3 is also important for the health of one’s brain and heart. 

Boal fish we source are not farmed. The benefits of that of course are the richness of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals as compared to farmed fish which lack these beneficial nutrients; more readily available in supermarket frozen aisle.  

Great source of protein for your daily diet and delicious alternative to other protein sources. 


Cutting Options 

Our specialised fish cutters will meet all your cutting requirement. Please select from the cutting options tool which was designed based on over 30yrs of experience of cutting frozen whole fish in our stores. Should you require further assistance or would like to specify other cuts we are one call away to make sure we deliver your order to exactly how you prefer.  



Please note images on website are for illustration purpose. We have endeavoured to taking our own photography of products that are sold on our website. 


Storage Boal Pack Special

Suitable for home freezing. Ideally freeze as soon as possible after you receive your next day delivery. Not suitable for cooking from frozen. Defrost thoroughly for a minimum of 12 hours in the fridge. Once defrosted use it shortly after. Keep refrigerated.  

Tray. Recycle Film. Don’t Recycle  


Net Weight 

2-10 kg 


Cooking Instructions  

Boal Macher Jhaal 

  • Boal fish: 4 pcs, large 
  • Onion: 1, large 
  • Tomato: 1, medium 
  • Ginger: 1″ 
  • Garlic: 5-6 cloves 
  • Mustard Oil: 4 tbsp 
  • Whole Spices: 
  • Dry Red Chili: 1-2 
  • Cumin Seeds: 1 tsp 
  • Ground Spices: 
  • Turmeric: 1 tsp 
  • Red Chili: 2 tsp 
  • Coriander: 1 tsp 
  • Cumin 2 tsp 
  • Salt: 1.5 tsp 
  • Sugar: 1 tsp 


  • Wash & clean fish carefully under running water. Take fish pieces in a large bowl and smear them with ½ tsp turmeric powder, ½ tsp salt. Drizzle ¼ tsp mustard oil on fish pieces and set aside for 15-20 mins. It will ensure less oil spluttering while frying. 
  • Chop onion and ginger roughly and blend with garlic to make a thick puree. Add only 2-3 tsp of water if necessary. 
  • Roughly chop tomato and make puree. Do not add water at all. 
  • Heat rest of the mustard oil in a flat-bottomed pan/wok. Add fish pieces one by one and fry until the bottom side turn golden brown. Flip fish pieces (after 2-3 mins) and do the same for other side too. Flip once again if necessary. It will take around 8-10 mins to fry all 4 large pieces of fish. My fish was extra-large so it took me 15 mins to fry all of them. Remove fish from oil and save for later. 
  • Transfer the oil (same in which fish is fried) to a heavy bottomed pan (preferably wok). Add dried red chili and cumin seeds in hot oil and allow to splutter. 
  • Add onion mixture along with sugar & salt and fry for 1-2 mins or until paste becomes translucent. 
  • Pour tomato puree with half of the red chili powder and stir for 1 min. 
  • Put rest of red chili powder along with other ground spices and continue stirring until moisture in masala evaporates and oil floats on top. 
Now begin the art of ‘Koshano’
  •  Add-in little water at a time and keep stirring until oil is spotted on the side of the pan. 
  • Once masala mixture turn into deep red colour and oil covers the surface add 2 cups of warm water and bring it to boil. 
  • Add fried fish pieces one by one very carefully to the jhol/curry and allow to boil. 
  • Once curry starts boiling cover the pan and cook for 10 mins on simmer. 
  • Remove cover and check if fish is cooked thoroughly. Adjust seasoning. 
  • Remove fish pieces very gently as cooked fish is soft and delicate. 
  • Adjust the amount of curry as needed. If you want less curry cook for few more mins until it reaches to your desired consistency. If you want more curry, add ½ cup of warm water and cook for 3-5 mins on high flame. 
  • Transfer fish pieces in serving bowls and cover it with curry. Serve with steaming hot rice. 
  • Enjoy! 


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